Friday, July 30, 2010

New Movie Friday!

"Dinner for Schmucks" - Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis
A businessman (Rudd) is offered a promotion but discovers part of this new found job status involves each member of the team bringing a complete idiot/weirdo to dinner as a form of entertainment. At first he balks at this cruelty and then he runs into Carell's character who proves too good to keep away from the dinner. I want this movie to be good but I cannot shake the feeling of complete and abject failure. It seems like the studio is trying hard (too hard) to drum up interest and the trailers, while funny, hint at a lack of content. I think I'll see it but the reviews have been bad and I'm starting to lean toward DVDing this sucker.

"Charlie St. Cloud" - Zac Efron, Kim Basinger
Efron plays a guy who sees, converses with, and plays catch with his dead little brother. The trailer leaves me to believe this playing with dead people begins to get in the way of his having a real life (as you can imagine that kind of thing would). I think I'm in a small group of people who have no feelings toward Efron whatsoever. Everyone either hates the guy or inappropriately fawns after him. Personally I just don't care. He's not so bad of an actor as to garner by hatred but I'm not dying to see anything he's in. "17 Again" was pretty solid but not so solid as to create any buzz for me moving forward. Meh.

"Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" - Chris O'donnell, Bette Midler
I'm not even going to waste anyone's time with a plot summary. It doesn't matter. If you have a young child or you are my friend Micah who freaks out over any movie that involves talking animal, you're going to see this. If you don't have a kid and are not my friend Micah, you won't see this ever. I unfortunately saw the first "Cats and Dogs" while running a summer camp a few years back and please listen to me when I tell you that under no circumstances should any human over the age of 11 get involved with this franchise.

Limited Release
"Get Low" - Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek
Duvall plays a crotchety old hermit who emerges from relative solitude to throw a "funeral party" for himself while still alive. This is getting tremendous buzz and could bring Duvall an Oscar nomination. It's early in the year for a folksy independent film like this to start making the rounds but a trip to an artsy theater may be in order for me here shortly.

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