Friday, July 9, 2010

New Movie Friday!

"Despicable Me" - Steve Carrell, Jason Segal, Will Arnett
A super thief competes with another super thief and somehow picks up guardianship of his nieces and nephews. This is the weirdest, most intriguing marketing campaign for a movie that I've seen in a long time. The teaser trailer opened last summer and made no sense. The first real trailer also left me unsure of what was actually going to take place in the film. "Despicable" is an animated movie but the marketing has been aimed almost exclusively at adults and boy, has there been a lot of marketing. At the risk of major backlash, the movie's characters have been all over the place, popping up in Best Buy ads and auditions for "Last Comic Standing." It's super annoying is what it is. But will it work? Some of the critical reviews I've seen have been ridiculously positive and yet my gut tells me the test showings didn't go over so well with audiences. Monday's box office returns are going to be very interesting for this one.

"Predators" - Adrien Brody, Walton Goggins, Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburne
A group of warriors (a soldier, a death row inmate, and some others) wake up on an alien planet and soon discover that they're being hunted by the super race that inhabits the planet. This is a reboot of sorts that could actually breath a little life into the franchise. I dismissed this immediately upon seeing the first trailer but it's actually getting some strong acclaim.

"The Kids Are All Right" - Julianne Moore, Annette Bening, Mark Ruffalo
The children of a lesbian couple begin a search for their sperm-donor father. Certainly not my cup of tea but I cannot begin to tell you how well this is being received across the board. Oscar nominations are a near certainty for some of these actors.

"Winnebago Man"
Documentarian Ben Steinbauer sets out to find and talk to viral video legend Jack Rebney, a man who did some ads for Winnebagos in the 80s. The hilarious (and often bleep-filled) outtakes of these ads made it onto YouTube and became a sensation but Rebney essentially turned into a recluse since. Steinbauer's documentary is getting great reviews and I can't wait for it to pop up on Netflix.

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