Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Movie News Today

The New York Times gives us a brilliant look at the rejuvenation of single-theater movie houses across the Midwest. One of the coolest stories I've read in a while.

Peter Jackson is making the rounds, quietly recruiting for the upcoming "Hobbit" movies. Please join me in praying that this means the MGM catastrophe will soon be resolved.

Totalfilm throws out a step-by-step process for a "Star Wars" reboot. It sounds fine and all but never underestimate the ability of post-1990 George Lucas to screw up anything. Please, George, PLEASE: no "Star Wars" reboot, okay?

It seems that Brad Bird and some of the other Pixar gurus gave input into reshoots for the upcoming "Tron: Legacy." If Brad Bird could consult on, say, every film that comes down the pipes, we'd all live in a better world I think.

Disney has begun work on a gargoyle-inspired fantasy film. Could Brad Bird please give them a little guidance?

Julia Roberts has a new film in the offing! This may not be big news to you anymore but I still love Miss Roberts and always, always will.

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