Friday, July 30, 2010

Movie News Today!

As we continue to follow the yearly trek to Nerd Mecca, /Film gives us the best and worst things about Comic Con 2010.

I'm a big fan of Philip K. Dick and the movies based on his stories, but "Total Recall" does not hold up well and I'm certainly not dying for a remake. Len Wiseman is, though, as he's now in negotiations to retool the Arnie vehicle.

JJ Abrams has picked up the rights to "Boilerplate," a graphic novel that sounds something like the robot version of "Forrest Gump." I kind of secretly (now unsecretly) hate "Gump" but it's kind of hard to doubt Abrams these days.

Marshall at the Movies has seen "Dinner For Schmucks" and the results are not good. I have been teetering back and forth on what I expected from this movie and Marshall's review is pushing me to the dark side.

Cinema Blend gives us 16 actors who are better wingmen than superstars. Totally agree except on Morgan Freeman and sometimes Steve Buschemi.

Ellen DeGeneres has joined Simon Cowell in exiting from the "American Idol" judges table. It always felt like a strange addition but Ellen brought some much needed buzz to the show. Prediction: "AI" makes it one year without Simon.

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