Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Movie News Today!

Well I've finally hit the big time. One of my favorite blogs, Marshall at the Movies, has featured the Soap Box Office in his "Origins" series. Very cool day for me, be sure to click over there and check out the site.

Tom Hardy was one of the bigger surprises to come out of "Inception." Outstanding actor. But I can tell you right now, if he cashes that success in for many roles like this one, he'll be right back out of mind before he knows it.

An interesting look at the marketing campaign for "Tron Legacy" and how it could revolutionize the industry.

When Nathan Fillion talks, I listen. (Or in this case, watch.)

My friends at Movie Muse were at Comic Con last weekend (so stinking jealous) and present us with a list of the Top 10 Attention Grabbing Films from the event.

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  1. Nathan Fillion for new Indiana Jones movie, plz.



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