Thursday, July 29, 2010

Movie News Today!

Say what you want about Sly Stallone but the guy gets it when it comes to the fans. He's joined Ain't it Cool News for 5 days of answering fan questions. Great grass-roots promotion for "The Expendables."

IFC asks and discusses the question, "Do stars matter?" This is stupid question for me personally as I am very actor/director/writer-centric. But the numbers show otherwise.

CNN examines why the 3D experiment is already failing. I'm all for the failure of an unnecessary technology but this article does not completely take into consideration the sheer lack of interesting movies on the calendar. 3D or not, 2011 will see the numbers jump back up, no question.

Guillermo Del Toro has jumped from "The Hobbit" to an interesting little project called "At the Mountains of Madness." James Cameron will produce.

Damon Lindelof is being rumored as the writer for the upcoming "Alien" prequel. The work Lindelof did on "Lost" was outstanding for about three years so hopefully a two hour movie won't be too much trouble.

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