Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Movie News Today

I intended to have my "Inception" review up tonight but four days of insomnia have finally caught up with me and I believe I'm headed for an early exit tonight. Tomorrow, I promise.

Marvel is headed to ComicCon and is bringing posters for "Captain America" and "Thor" with them. Oh to be in San Diego right now...

Sam Raimi, fresh off his departure from "Spiderman", is now set to direct another comic book inspired series, this one based around Wyatt Earp in a futuristic dystopian society. Okay, I'm intrigued.

Tim Burton is apparently on board to direct "Monsterpocalypse", which is based on a miniature battling game. (Think Dungeons and Dragons plus Magic the Gathering.) I always find it necessary to pass on Burton-related news because, while I don't love everything he does, he does everything with a style all his own and I admire that.

Notorious douche bag Armond White has grown tired of attacking films, directors, and actors and takes to bashing on Robert Ebert. I could probably do a full column on this but let me just say, what killed film criticism (if in fact is is dead which I would argue against) are arrogant, narcissistic, indignantly sophisticated jackholes like Armond White who would prefer to hear themselves talk endlessly about why every film sucks than they would just sit back and enjoy a movie every once in a while. Just another example of a mainstream, published, self-important critic who feels threatened by the type of platform the Internet provides people like myself and can't figure out why no one wants to listen to him wax unpoetically every week as he tears apart another perfectly fine piece of entertainment. You suck, Armond White, and the sooner we can run no talent butt clowns like you out of business, the better. *End Rant*

Movieline gives us the six films that ComicCon could either make or break. Totally agree, except I think "Green Lantern" is a smash hit no matter what.

Turns out "Inception" actually made a bit more money this weekend than originally thought. Add to that a $10 million total today and it's still going strong. I expect $100 million by the end of the weekend.

An interesting little article over at 30ninjas gives us some fan-made trailers. The idea here being, the studio puts out trailers to get us, the audience, excited about their upcoming films. Why can't we, then, produce trailers for favorite books, comics, and video games to get the studio excited about the source material? Intriguing. Didn't watch all of these but I'm impressed with what I saw.

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