Friday, May 14, 2010

New Movie Friday

Wide Release
"Robin Hood" - Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett
The positive reviews I've seen have called this, "Gladiator with bows and arrows." I'm OK with that but I understand many people aren't. This is supposedly set before all the Sherwood forrest stuff that the Robin Hood legends center around and I'm always up for a good backstory picture. But will it be good? I'm not so sure anymore. And BTW, this reportedly cost $237 million dollars to make. That figure is astounding and sets this up for major failure if it gets poor word-of-mouth.
Rated: Ludacris

"Letters to Juliet" - Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave
Seyfried travels to Verona and finds a love letter written years ago. She decides to deliver the letter and sappy craziness insues. I unwillingly saw the trailer for this when my local theater operators decided it was appropriate to show it before "The Losers." It didn't look mindblowingly bad like the recent Jennifer Lopez movie, but it definitely didn't look interesting to this guy.
Rated: C3-PO

"Just Wright" - Queen Latifah, Common
Latifah plays a physical therapist who works to rehab an injured NBA star and get him back in the game. Unlikely romance ensues. If there's anything I dislike more in a movie than Queen Latifah, it's crappy sports action. I threw up in my mouth a little due to the number of cliches in the 3 minute trailer so I can't imagine seeing this.
Rated: Travolta

Rating Definitions:
Bauer - So packed with awesome I'll probably be there opening day.
Ludacris - I'm excited to see it but also concerned about some red flags, like anytime a rapper is in the cast.
Vote for Pedro - I'll put off seeing it and hope I'll be pleasantly surprised.
Wahlberg - I'll pick up the DVD and for some reason enjoy it.
Gob Bluth - The phrase, "I've made a huge mistake" is likely to be uttered if and when I do see it.
C3-PO - The odds of me seeing it are similar to the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field.
Travolta - No way, no how will I willingly see this; similar to the odds John Travolta has of ever winning an Oscar.

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