Friday, May 7, 2010

Movie News Today 5/6

Robert Downey Junior's Stache Cycle - One of my fellow bloggers takes a look at RDJ and his ever changing facial hair.

M:I4 Has Director - The director of "The Incredibles" gets a new movie.

Space Paranoids Game - The first part of thw viral marketing campaign for the upcoming "Tron: Legacy."

"Apes" Reboot - One of Tim Burton's biggest misses was "The Planet of the Apes." The franchise is now starting over with FX work from WETA ("Lord of the Rings").

Terrence Howard to Play Mandela - Since he's not busy with "Iron Man 2" business, Howard will now take a swing at Mandela.

The "Golden Age" for Critics - The GREAT Roger Ebert is down with dumb blogs like this one!

"Iron Man" Armor Upgrades - Pretty funny look at some weird "upgrades" for Iron Man in comics.

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