Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New DVD Tuesday

New releases -

Invictus (2009): Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon - Based on the true story of Nelson Mandella's use of rugby as a means to unifying South Africa. Both Freeman and Damon are excellent. The end product didn't quite live up to expectations but I quite liked it.

Valentine's Day (2010): Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Garner, Julia Roberts - Follows the intertwining lives of a bunch of Los Angelians on Valentine's Day. Not even a decent cast could save this. Absolute rubbish.

Extraordinary Measures (2010): Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser - Another based on real life film about a doctor who discovers a remedy for a crippling disease. I imagine there's a good story in here somewhere but the marketing was so cliche and cheesy as to come across as desperate.

The Messenger (2009): Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson - Follows the lives of two soldiers whose job it is to inform spouses that their loved ones died in war. This took home two Oscar nominations and consideration for a few more. I'm very much looking forward to this one.

The Spy Next Door (2010): Jackie Chan - I don't know, I think Jackie Chan is a spy who gets assigned babysitting duties for some important kids. I didn't even take the time to look for a synopsis. Think "The Pacifier" but without Vin Diesel.

The New Daughter (2009): Kevin Costner - Nooooooooo!!!!! Confession: I have an absurd obsession with Kevin Costner. Seeing that he's finally slipped to the level of Straight to DVD Hell (with this horror thriller about a new house possessing a girl or something) makes me incredibly sad.

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  1. Extraordinary Measures was good, but it didn't get a good enough run in the theaters. I don't know about the marketing, though. I wanted to see it from the first time I saw a trailer.


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