Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movie News Today

Roger Ebert's take on 3-D - The greatest film critic of all time hates 3-D and thinks you should, too.

"Pirates of the Caribbean 4" Cheaper - Apparently the fourth "Pirates" movie is taking some budget cuts...all the way down to $200 million.

"Dark Crystal" Sequel is a Go - 30 years after the original, a sequel to the Frank Oz freaky "kids" classic is now in production and will be released in...wait for it...3-D.

Weaving is Red Skull - One of the better villains in Hollywood, Hugo Weaving ("The Matrix"), will take on the nemisis role in the upcoming "Captain America" movies.

"X-Men: First Class" Fastracked - After finally securing a director (Matthew Vaughn), the newest spin off from the "X-men" series will release next year.

Abrams Has New Mystery Film - Super-producer JJ Abrams has a semi-quasi sequel to "Cloverfield" in the works and the trailer may or may not show before "Iron Man 2" this weekend.

"Justified" Renewed - FX has renewed the Timothy Olyphant series "Justified," one of the better shows on TV, for a full second season.

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