Thursday, May 13, 2010

Movie News Today 5/13

Olyphant In for "I Am Four" - One of the coolest around is on board for sci-fi thriller.

Penn to Anger Management - Sean Penn will, shockingly, have to undergo some treatment.

The 3-D Craze - An interesting look into the economics of  3-D.

Fox Picks Up "Wilde Kingdom" - Sort of an "Arrested Development" reunion as it were.

Awful Review for "Robin Hood" - A highly disappointing review confirms my fears. To be fair, though, Movieline also bashed on "Sherlock Holmes" which was excellent.

Trailer for "The Adjustment Bureau" - The new Matt Damon movie based on a Philip K. Dick novel, who should be one of the richest dudes in the history of Hollywood by now.

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  1. The Adjustment Bureau looks interesting, and raises interesting questions, which I would expect from Philip K. Dick. Unfortunately, he's not rich. He died in 1982, about the time Blade Runner came out. It was based on his story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


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