Monday, May 31, 2010

Box Office Monday

Anyone who visited their local theater this Memorial Day weekend, a traditional movie holiday, knows the pickings were slim. I found myself at a screening of "Shrek," not because I was super excited about seeing it, but because it was hot outside, I wanted out of the house, and darnit, I just wanted to see a movie. "Prince of Persia" struggled to make the impact Disney was hoping for and "Sex and the City 2" received HORRIBLE word-of-mouth review, dropping its final haul well below expectations. To 2010, again I say: you suck.

1. "Shrek Forever After" $43.3 million ($133.1 million total)
2. "Sex and the City 2" $32.1 million ($46.3 million)
3. "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" $30.2 million
4. "Iron Man 2" $16.0 million ($274.6 million)
5. "Robin Hood" $10.3 million ($83.0 million)
6. "Letters to Juliet" $5.9 million ($36.6 million)
7. "Just Wright" $2.2 million ($18.2 million)
8. "Date Night" $1.75 million ($93.3 million)
9. "MacGruber" $1.5 million ($7.1 million)
10. "How to Train Your Dragon" $1.0 million ($212.6 million)

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