Monday, May 10, 2010

Movie News Today 5/10

First Look at New Lucas Film - George Lucas is producing a WWII fighter plan movie. Here are the planes.

Favreau on "IM3" - Favs drops some knowledge concerning the direction of the "Iron Man" franchise.

Waltz in "Musketeers" - Christoph Waltz is going to cash in his new stardom chips for the famed villain Richelieu in a new "Three Musketeers" adaptation that looks to be truly awful.

Michael Caine Interview - The AV Club gives us a great interview with one of the best.

MGM Purchased - The Weinstein brothers have acquired the rights to the MGM properties, finally.

Justin Theroux Interview - The writer of "IM2" and "Tropic Thunder" gives Movieline a solid look into his writing process.

Summer Movie Survival Guide - A fellow blogger gives you some rules and tips for the summer movie schedule ahead. (Tip number one from me: this summer's movies suck so unless you're a freak like me, just save most of your cash for Summer 11 and Summer 12, which will both take Summer 10 out back and beat the fire out of it.)

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