Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Movie News Today - 5/17

Remembering Jim Henson - A look at Henson's impact 20 years after his death.

Male Bonding in the Movies - A fellow blogger takes a look at male bonding in "The Sting," one of my all time favorite movies.

McGregor in for "Quixote" - Gilliam nabs Ewan McGregor for his oft-delayed "Don Quixote."

"Day One" Trashed - NBC, as desperate for material as it was, deemed the post-apoc series "Day One" so bad it got trashed without airing a single episode. Enjoy the cheese-tastic trailer.

The 5 New Shows Most Likely to be Cancelled - The fall schedule is out and that means there are some terrible new shows coming down the pipes!

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