Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Movie News Today

Gavin Hood ("X-Men Origins") is the latest in a long line of movie people (you like the specific terminology I used there?) to take a run at "Ender's Game." As much as I love this book, it seriously might be time to retire the idea of a screen production.

"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy", an incredibly interesting project that recently nabbed Gary Oldman for the lead, has now added budding superstar Mark Strong to the cast. This movie is destined to make my top 10 most anticipated movies of the year whenever it decides to debut.

The studio behind the Jack Ryan saga has a star (Chris Pine) and now has a new writer in the form of Anthony Peckham who co-wrote "Sherlock Holmes." Good start.

With a title like "Science Fiction Films that Changed the World", how could I not pass it on?

Dallas' own Stephen Tobolowsky delivers an outstanding article on the art of character acting.

Player Affinity (where my colleague from Movie Muse also resides) gives us the 10 best actors turned director. Agreed.

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