Friday, September 24, 2010

DVR Guide - "Outlaw"

When a Supreme Court Justice (Jimmy Smits) comes across a case he can't live with, he steps down from his post and back into the courtroom as a defense attorney. His first case involves a wrongly convicted man on death row and puts his entire team to the test. Meanwhile he's facing the seemingly inevitable gambling debt and a bookie who (obviously) wants his money.

I'm a Jimmy Smits fan from his days on "NYPD Blue" and let me frank by saying that's the only reason I'm even giving this thing a chance. After the first episode I already hate him a little bit. "Outlaw" is awful. Maybe the worst show that I have personally chosen to watch. Sure, I've been forced to be in a room when someone (namely my wife) has been watching something worse than this but I really can't think of a time when I've chosen to watch a show that sucked this bad. So many times a show's pilot episode is nothing like the rest of the season and, therefore, I have a "Two Episode" rule for any show I choose to watch. Unfortunately for me that means I'll have to sit through another round of "Outlaw" before I can make my exit. This thing plays out like a brutal cross between a CBS drama and a TNT original program. In true TNT style, Smits is the only name actor and the only one who can, in fact, act. The story, though, plays out like a bad episode (as if there were any good ones) of "NCIS" complete with atrocious dialogue and heavy handed emotion. It's awful. Every character outside of the one played by Smits is as one dimensional and cliche as you could possibly imagine and the plot leaves little to the imagination. My advice is to steer clear of this stinker, which shouldn't be too hard given its spot on the horror that is Friday night.

Verdict: Two Week Special

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