Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Movie News Today

My colleague over at Marshall and the Movies gives his review of "Dr. Parnassus," one of my favorite films from 2009.

Yahoo Movies debunks a few of the bigger urban legends related to Hollywood.

Liam Neeson will play the captain in Peter Berg's "Battleship", a big screen adaptation of, you guessed it, the classic board game.

Martin Freeman of "The Office" (Europe) fame has turned down the lead role in "The Hobbit." Poor choice.

Alfonso Cuaron ("Children of Men") has signed Natalie Portman to play the lead in his newest film, "Gravity", about an astronaut abandoned on a space station.

There is finally a Ronald Reagan biopic in the works and I've just got to say, how in the world did it take this long?! It's not that I'm dying to see Reagan's life adapted for a film, it's just shocking that no one has put this together by now.

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