Sunday, September 12, 2010

Movie News Today

In "Odd Pairing" news of the day, William Friedkin (director of the scariest movie ever "The Exorcist") has brought on Matthew McConaughey as the title character in his upcoming dark comedy "Killer Joe." I can't imagine anyone ever thought this sentence would come into existence.

Mickey Rourke's resurgence continues with his signing on to play a notorious mobster-assassin in "The Ice Man." I'm genuinely happy that Rourke is making the most of his second (or third or fourth) chance in Hollywood. The industry needs talented actors like him and I'm glad he's worked his way back to the A-list.

I'm not especially excited about this film but my promise to promote Nathan Fillion takes precedence over my apathetic feelings to the project. James Gunn ("Slither") has found a distributor for "Super", his newest film starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, and Mr. Fillion.

Noomi Rapace (of "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" fame) has joined the cast of "Sherlock Holmes 2" which starts filming early next year.

Empire gives us 8 essentially qualities of a good straight man in film. Some points are a bit tongue-in-cheek, some perfectly pin-pointed.

Matt Zoller Sietz at makes a brilliant point that I hope to touch on in my next two reviews, that being the need for more "adult" films. Definitely worth a read.

Finally, "Hereafter", an upcoming release directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Matt Damon has a trailer. Looks very interesting if a little more "Lovely Bones" than I would have liked.

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