Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DVR Guide - "Outsourced"

When Todd Dempsey (Ben Rappaport) returns to his Kansas City office after a manager training seminar, he discovers that the entire work force has been outsourced to India. In order to keep his career on path, Todd has to head to India to manage a new office full of locals who have no understanding of the novelty crap they are now selling. "Jokes" take place.

Before I completely blast this disaster of a sitcom, I feel compelled to say one thing. "Outsourced" had already earned a strike or two in my book before it even premiered. At some point last year, the focus of my excitement for NBC's Thursday night lineup shifted from "The Office" and "30 Rock" to "Community" and "Parks and Recreation." By the end of the year "Parks" was, in my book, the second funniest show on TV behind only "Modern Family." Coming into the Fall season, "Parks" is slated as a midseason replacement. So it stands to reason that the sooner "Outsourced" hits the bricks, the sooner we can get back the good people of Pawnee, Indiana.

With that said, if the likely replacement for "Outsourced" was a small screen adaptation "Bride Wars," I might become a Kate Hudson fan for the occasion. Nothing is worse than a comedy that fails to make you laugh. Heck, forget laughing. I smirked ONCE during the 22 minute runtime and even that was forced on my part. This is easily the worst new show on network television and one of the most unfunny sitcoms I've ever sat through. Every joke is based on cultural misunderstandings and lowest-common-denominator stereotypes that border on offensive and routinely cross into groan inducing, painful territory. Here's hoping NBC has a little Fox mentality in there somewhere and a cancellation notice is on the way soon.

Verdict: Two Week Special

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