Sunday, September 19, 2010

Movie News Today

Kyle Chandler ("Friday Night Lights" TV) is said to be joining the cast of "Super 8", the super-secretive project of JJ Abrams. I report this for three reasons. 1.) I love JJ Abrams. 2.) My wife has been watching "Friday Night Lights" lately and I've caught a few of them and think the show isn't bad at all. 3.) One of my closest friends is also named Kyle Chandler and I feel like that just needed to be said.

Apparently Keanu Reeves is trying to get the old band back together in the form of a third "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." The original is a favorite guilty pleasure of mine but the sequel is atrocious. Do we really need a third installment 19 years later?

As he continues to destroy his once sort-of decent career, Randy Quaid has been arrested again, this time for illegally squatting in a house he used to own. Insert toilet joke here.

Some OUTSTANDING "Star Wars" propaganda posters. I'll take one of each, please.

In an effort to keep the site from becoming cluttered and to (hopefully) leave a little more time for editorial, I'm adding Box Office Monday into the Monday version of Movie News Today.

Weekend Box Office Results
1. "The Town" - $23.8 million
2. "Easy A" - $18.2
3. "Devil" - $12.6
4. "Resident Evil: Afterlife" - $10.1 ($44 million total)
5. "Alpha and Omega" - $9.2
6. "Takers" - $3 ($52.3)
7. "The American" - $2.8 ($32.9)
8. "Inception" - $2.0 ($285.2)
9. "The Other Guys" - $2.0 ($115.4)
10. "Machete" - $1.7 ($24.3)

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