Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Movie News Today

I've got a buddy who's obsessed with the "Fast and the Furious" franchise so here are the details for the upcoming fifth installment of the series for him and the three other people who care. (ZING!) gives us an excellent article on the merits of Netflix and the way in which the company is quietly taking over the DVD business. Seconded, though they'll really take off when they can figure out a way to feature more TV shows through the instant setup.

So, a little story on a slow news day. As a part of this "job" I have here at the Box Office, I end up clicking on a lot of movie related links and scrolling through various blogs. I'm always looking for cool links to show you or sites that I genuinely enjoy reading. So when I came across this list of the 100 best movies from the 2000s, I got a little excited. New site and the writer is obviously quite invested if he's making an extensive list like this. Woohoo. And then I started reading the list. And then "Watchmen" pops up at number 94 and I think, "I don't think I could put "Watchmen" in my top 100 of the decade." and then the next listing is "Almost Famous" which, in my book, might be the best movie of the decade and certainly deserving of a MUCH higher position than 93. So I scroll to the top of the list and start fresh, thinking maybe he just ran out of steam. Some questionable picks in the top 15 but okay. And then we have the clincher: coming it at number 19 is none other than "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull," one of the most disappointing, embarrassing, most grandiose examples of brand name value being used for evil that I've ever seen. Done.

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