Monday, December 12, 2011

Movie News Today

Extremely sorry for the lack of reviews the last two weeks. The great thing about saving up vacation for the end of the year is that I can walk away in two short days and not think about work for, like, 19 days or something. The down side to that is preparing to leave requires cramming, like, 19 days or something worth of work into the preceding weeks. All that to say, I'm been swamped. But beginning next week, I will have a rich cornicopia (yeah, I said cornicopia) of reviews, predictions, and lists to provide for you, dear readers. Bear with me.

Rachel McAdams is in talks to join Brian De Palma's thriller Passion. I tell you this because I feel it is my duty to forward any and all Rachel McAdams news that might hit the web.

George Takei has called upon Star Trek and Star Wars fans to unite against Twilight, a sentiment I think we can all get on board with.

Speaking of Star Wars, the 2011 Black List has been published and as always, it's worth a look. If you don't know, the Black List is a collection of the best undeveloped screenplays in Hollywood. Number three on the list is a Chewbacca film. Two questions: 1.) Why is that not number one? 2.) Why hasn't this made it to theaters already?! Come on, George!

And speaking of Lucas, he spoke with EW regarding the development of Indiana Jones 5 and told us...well, pretty much nothing.

Christopher Nolan sat down with Hero Complex (LA Times) and discussed Bane and his Batman films in general. Be sure to read this one. The man is brilliant.

Gary Oldman compiled a five favorite films for Rotten Tomatoes and stuck around to talk Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy for a bit.

The Critics Choice Awards nominations have been announced and aside from the ommission of 50/50 in most of the important categories (yes, I'm going to keep harping on this), it's a solid list.

This has nothing to do with movies but make sure you check out these photos of an abandoned Disneyland knock off in China. Super cool and a little creepy. Thanks to /Film for the notification on this.

Chris Pratt could be up for the lead in Kathryn Bigelow's Osama bin Laden thriller, which would be a decidedly different sort of role than he's used to. Could be interesting.

Paradise Lost, which will star Bradley Cooper as the devil (this joke is too easy so I'm going to let it slide), has been put on hold while some budget concerns are worked out. It isn't shocking that this film has gone over budget until you learn that the budget was around $120 million. Yikes. You can already bet this one will be tough to sell, at least domestically.

Because I'm never going to see The Artist (I just can't muster up any interest, sorry), check out the glowing analysis at Fast Film Reviews. Good stuff.

Flix Chatter gives us six unnecessary big bidget sequels. While I disagree with a couple on the list, I always enjoy the thought that goes into these pots. Check it out!

And make sure you have a look at "My Favorite Ladies of Science Fiction" from the Morning Thunder Buffalo.

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