Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Movie News Roundup

John Lasseter has let it be known that one of the upcoming films in the Pixar slate will take place inside the mind of a child with her emotions serving as the characters. Um, am I wrong in thinking that sounds... TOTALLY AWESOME?!?! You really are the best, Pixar.

Friends, I'm not political. In fact, I often say I "nothing" politics. If I had to choose a party, I guess I'd say I lean right. So keep that in mind when I say the following: Please stop, Fox News. Now die.

Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) has found a distributor for his Comic-Con documentary. Definitely something I'm interested.

Aaron Sorkin's upcoming HBO show will be called Newsroom and as previously reported, it will center around the staff of a CNN-type news force. Sorkin and HBO is a perfect match for me, can't wait.

Two more have joined Will Smith and Jaden Smith for M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth leaving one to wonder what sort of witchcraft or deviltry Shyamalan uses to get literally anyone involved in his films.

In almost equally troubling news, it looks like the sequel to Adam Sandler's Grown Ups has found a writer and will proceed into production. The only question is will this be a Razzie nominated Worst Picture in 2013 or 2014?

Patty Jenkins (Monsterwill NOT direct Thor 2. This always seemed like an odd pairing to me so maybe this is for the best.

And after previously stating that he intended to stop inflicting Transformers movies upon action film addicts like me, Michael Bay now says he may direct the fourth installment after all. Curse you, Michael.

Check out this tribute to the movies of 2011. Super cool. Wish I had that kind of talent!

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