Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"The Hobbit" Trailer

My fellow nerds, the day has finally come. Just under a year from now the first chapter of The Hobbit will hit theaters and today Peter Jackson gives us the film's first trailer. I'm insanely excited about this film. In fact, I've been excited about the mere prospect of this film since I read the book for the first time at around age eight. Knowing that Tolkien's vision will be brought to the screen in less than a year is a thrilling concept. This is little more than a teaser trailer with a ton of quick cuts and scene changes but that, that song is dead on, exactly how I would have imagined it. (My nerdiness is really starting to show now but I don't care.) Have a look for yourself and expect plenty of Hobbit-related coverage over the next year.


  1. I await this eagerly. It looks good. Please, please don't mess with the story, Peter Jackson.

  2. I renamed my Charmander "Smaug" as an act of reckless celebration. #sciencewillyoumarryme

  3. I think we can trust Jackson with this. Can't wait to check this one out. A whole year, though! Blerg.


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