Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Movie News Today

Empire provides a viewer's guide to the career of Ryan Gosling which I'll be delving into in my review for Drive early next week.

Jason Bateman has two more films on the docket because, as I've said before, he prefers the shotgun method (scatter several movies across the landscape; one's bound to hit the target) of acting. I love Bateman but let's face it, you can't base your decision of whether or not you'll see a movie on his presence in said movie.

Jeremy Renner will star in King of Heists about a real-life crook who took a big score in the 1870s. Sounds good to me.

With Moneyball opening this weekend, Rope of Silicon gives us the top 10 baseball movies and Rotten Tomatoes takes it a step further with the top 20 baseball movies. Though, of course, both lists are flawed because neither include 61*, my favorite sports film of all time. Oh well.

Cinema Slants watches the new TV shows (so you don't have to) and tells you what's worth your time and what is not. I plan on posting a brief guide myself over the weekend but check out part one of the Fall Television Landscape series here in the meantime.

Dan the Man's Movie Reviews takes on Children of Men, a great film that no one saw when it came out but now more and more people have been peer pressured into seeing.

The trailer for Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar biopic debuted today and it looks...good, I guess. Clearly this is Oscar bait of the highest order but...I don't know, I'm more skeptical than others. We'll see.

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