Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Movie News Today

JJ Abrams has officially signed on to direct "Star Trek 2." Now maybe we can get rolling on that sucker!

Jason Bateman again reiterates his plans/hopes to start shooting the much anticipated "Arrested Development" movie. Look, I know this is never going to happen but as one of the four original viewers of the show who campaigned tirelessly to get people to watch when it was still on the air, I'm going to continue to hold onto the lie and report these little pieces of news as if it were a sure thing.

Gerald McRaney has joined the cast of Tarantino's "Django Unchained." Am I alone in thinking Major Dad plus Tarantino is pretty awesome?

A remake of "Point Break" is in the works. There are two "Point Break" camps: the camp that thinks it is the greatest action film of the early 90s and the camp that thinks it's a cheesy nightmare of a film featuring a disgustingly robotic performance by Keannu Reeves (you can guess which camp I'm in). Both camps can agree, however, that it absolutely DOES NOT need to be remade. If someone tries to remake "Top Gun" I will lose it. Fair warning, Hollywood.

In other news, I've been bashing on Keannu Reeves for probably 15 years and I just learned that he has two n's in his name (per IMDB.) Good to know.

Terrence over at ScarletSp1der takes a look at "The Italian Job", one of the funnest films of the last decade, and drops some knowledge. Check it out!

Mark at Fast Film Reviews delves into "Higher Ground" which I unfortunately missed this weekend and probably won't get a chance to see until DVD. It's getting good buzz, though, so check it out if you have the chance.

Finally, the trailer for Cameron Crowe's "We Bought a Zoo" debuted today and while it's slightly more obviously "feel good-y" than I'd hoped, both Crowe and Damon belong on my "I Will See Anything You're Involved With" list.


  1. Had no idea Keannu used 2 "n's". who knew?

    Thank you much for the link love. The Italian Job is a big fave of mine! Appreciate that.

    I am often sad in coming the realization that an Arrested Development movie has still not been made. I loved the show and am one of those that didn't get into it until the seasons were streamable on netflix. I fear that the kid actors are getting too old to play their characters. Here's hoping!

    Great summary my friend!

  2. @Talmid, it's definitely right up your alley. Hoping it has a little more realness than the first trailer implied.

    @scarlet, I've probably written "Keanu" a thousand times. Oh well.

    I watched AD the whole time it was on the air and felt like it was me, the cast, and the people who vote on the Emmys watching, no one else. I'm so glad people have caught on after the fact (it was a couple of years ahead of its time) but it bums me out that it only got 3 years.


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