Thursday, September 1, 2011

Movie News Today

The "Wolverine" sequel is getting a rewrite, this time by the guy who penned the mind numbingly dumb "Unstoppable." I'm getting more and more nervous about this project all the time.

John Moore ("Max Payne") has been pegged to direct the next "Die Hard" film. Really? The "Max Payne" guy? Boo.

I can't really summarize the idea behind the next film by the Coen Brothers so just check it out for yourself and trust that I'll be there opening day no matter what.

Vulture asks "What's really going on over at AMC" and tries to answer the question. Good read. It would be a shame to see a network with so many great TV shows go down in flames.

John Likes Movies DESTROYS "Colombiana", hopefully saving all of you from falling prey.

The Morning Thunder Buffalo makes some very valid points regarding the changes to the "Star Wars" films which will show up in the Blu Ray versions. Curse you, George Lucas.


  1. As far as The Wolverine goes, Marvel is contractually obligated to do a set number of films with FOX using the X-Men intellectual property. I don't know what that number is, but you may see a few stinkers from the X-verse until that contract has run its course. After that it all comes under the Disney umbrella and likely sees at least a partial reboot where all the characters aren't dead or depowered. :P

  2. Yeah, I'm getting pretty nervous, man. If we're going to get a reboot in the future, fine, but let's at least make the inbetween a quality experience.


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