Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Movie News Today

Sharlto Copley has signed on for "Europa" which sounds awesome. Really dig Copley, hoping this turns out well.

Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger will have much bigger roles in "The Expendables 2" but then again so will John Travolta. So I'm pretty sure you all know where I come down on this one.

Steven Spielberg is working on all cylinders these days and his next project (after the two he has at the end of the year and his "Lincoln" biopic next year) will be "Robopocalypse" and is set for a July 2013 release date. Spielberg+Sci-Fi=Me in attendance opening weekend.

Michael Shannon has let it be known that the costume for his General Zod in "Man of Steel" will be CGI. Because it worked so well in "Green Lantern." Wait...

Anomalous Material gives us 5 remakes that are better than the original. Co-sign.

The AV Club gives their picks for the worst episodes of great TV shows. Fun stuff.

It's going to be a few weeks until I get to see "Drive" so in the meantime, check out Matt's review over at Cinema Slants.

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