Sunday, September 11, 2011

Movie News Today

Colin Firth will play a WWII POW in "Railway Man." Could be a nice chance for him to finally break out. Wait...

Oscar winning actor Cliff Robertson, who played Uncle Ben in the "Spiderman" franchise, died yesterday at age 88. Rest in peace, Cliff.

Ron Howard will direct "364" about a man who has super powers for one day each year. Gotta say, that sounds awesome.

Mel Gibson would like to write and direct a film about Jewish hero Judah Maccabee. A.) This will never happen, particularly since the Anti-Defamation League has already lodged a complaint. B.) Come on, Mel. I get the desire to publicly make up with the Jewish community but how did you think they were going to react to you trying to make a film about one of their heroes? No chance, dude.

Weekend Box Office Results
Well, America, I've never been prouder of you. You'll notice in the list below that our top 10 DOES NOT include one "Bucky Larson" aka "The Odds on Winner for Worst Picture at the Razzies." That heap of rubbish made only $1.45 million on opening weekend and will likely be out of theaters entirely within another week. Thank you all for not supporting this film and for saving me the trouble of tracking you all down for the punching you would have deserved.

1. "Contagion" - $21.15M
2. "The Help" - $8.69M ($137.09M)
3. "Warrior" - $5.6M
4. "The Debt" - $4.91M ($21.99M)
5. "Colombiana" - $4M ($29.78M)
6. "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" - $3.87M ($167.84M)
7. "Shark Night 3D" - $3.53M ($14.79M)
8. "Apollo 18" - $2.91M ($15M)
9. "Our Idiot Brother" - $2.76M ($21.42M)
10. "Spy Kids 4" - $2.51M ($34.23M)


  1. I was saddened to hear of Cliff Robertson's passing.

    Happy to see Bucky Larson at #15. You're probably right about the Razzies nom.

  2. The Smurfs are gone! The Smurfs are gone! Hooray!

    The sad thing is, I think Mel Gibson could probably make a great movie about Judah Maccabee. But his alcoholic rantings have poisoned the well. He was taken to task for supposedly portraying Jews in a bad light in "The Passion," but he really did nothing of the sort there.

  3. @scarletsp1der - If that doesn't win Worst Picture then the Razzies should cease to exist.

    @Talmid - Could definitely be right but there's no way he's going to get the chance. And rightly so.


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