Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie News Today

Josh Brolin will take the lead in Spike Lee's "Oldboy" remake instead of Christian Bale. Not quite a lateral move in my mind but Brolin is pretty excellent in his own right.

Dan Aykroyd is now shopping a "Blues Brothers" TV script. Are you guys getting the impression that Aykroyd needs money? Yeah, me too.

Justin Lin (the genius behind the last few "Fast and Furious" films) talked with Empire about his upcoming "Terminator" feature. I have great hopes that Lin will turn that franchise around.

Indiewire sums up the summer's winners and losers. Well done.

Movie Muse provides a list of the top 5 breakout stars from the summer. Excellent work here.

Finally, the first teaser trailer for "The Hunger Games" debuted yesterday and while it shows you absolutely nothing, I'm pretty excited about this film so here it is!

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