Friday, August 19, 2011

Movie News Today

Apologies for the lack of MNT entries this week. A combination of busyness and a lack of interest in most of the news that's come my way. I'll try to pick it up next week.

The Scotts have been busy lately. Ridley has apparently started work on a "Blade Runner" reboot/sequel. If he is somehow able to get Harrison Ford involved, I'm in without question. Otherwise...not sure this needs to be done. Meanwhile, Tony is also planning a "Wild Bunch" reboot which could be a lot of fun.

Robert Downey, Jr. will produce (and possibly star in?) a biopic about the aftermath of the attack on the USS Indianapolis in World War II, one of the most interesting and terrifying stories of the War. Sounds good to me.

Be sure to check out the latest Summer of Spielberg entry at Cinema Slants.

And since I haven't been keeping up lately, I'll give you two trailers today.

The first is for the Sam Worthington flick "Texas Killing Fields":

And this one is for "Machine Gun Preacher" which is sure to be quite awful:


  1. I didn't know that RDJ would be producing the film about the USS Indianapolis! Thanks for pointing that out! Even more interested now!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. RDJ being involved in a wall painting contest would probably get me interested.


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