Sunday, August 21, 2011

Movie News Today

This weekend Disney announced their next two Pixar projects, one concerning dinosaurs (yay!) and one that will take a look inside the human mind. Whatever that means. Honestly, if Pixar announced that their next two films would concern the production of sunscreen and the history of concrete, wouldn't you watch them?

Disney also had their annual expo this weekend and unveiled details on "John Carter of Mars", "Brave", "Monsters University", and "The Muppets." I'm going to have to go to this thing someday.

If you're a true nerd and you're visiting Montana, aren't you going to stay at this Hobbit house? Duh.

In light of the new "Conan" movie, Cinema Blend gives us the 13 best low IQ heroes. Very fun list.

Univarn from A Life in Equinox asks, Does Tom Hanks Still Act? Interesting thoughts.

Weekend Box Office Results
Wow. Not a good week to have a new movie in theaters this weekend. "Spy Kids", "Fright Night", and even "One Day" all got less-than-expected returns but "Conan"...ouch. Looked terrible to me so I was staying away regardless but I thought more people would be fooled. That $90 million budget is looking really high right now. On the plus side, "The Help" actually rose from second place last week to first this time around, riding the wave of strong word of mouth. The movie stardom of Emma Stone is coming into full bloom.

1. "The Help" - $20.48 million ($71.8 million total)
2. "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" - $16.3M ($133.76M)
3. "Spy Kids 4" - $12.02M
4. "Conan the Barbarian" - $10M
5. "The Smurfs" - $8M ($117.74M)
6. "Fright Night" - $7.9M
7. "Final Destination 5" - $7.71M ($32.33M)
8. "30 Minutes or Less" - $6.3M ($25.76M)
9. "One Day" - $5.13M
10. "Crazy, Stupid, Love" - $4.95M ($64.42M)


  1. Of COURSE I'd watch The History of Concrete if Pixar made it. I'd watch it on The History Channel.

  2. I think you're alone in that one. :)

  3. Nonsense. There are lots of us. Okay, there are dozens of us. Well, maybe two or three.


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