Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Movie News Today

Jean Claude van Damme, Chuck Norris, and (*gulp*) John Travolta have joined the cast of the "Expendables" sequel. JCVD makes a lot of sense; Norris...alright, I can get that. But Travolta? TRAVOLTA?! Curse you, Stallone. Of all the hacks in the cast of "The Expendables" Travolta is in a class all his own. The day that he was added to this "film" will be rued.

Leonardo DiCaprio is considering the lead role in "The Creed of Violence", another Western to pair with the upcoming Tarantino pic "Django Unchained." If 13 year old me knew how much 28 year old me genuinely anticipates everything DiCaprio does, he'd be so very disappointed.

Peter Berg has confirmed that there is a script for a second "Friday Night Lights" film. I love (LOVE) the first film and I'm working through the TV series now. Sounds good to me.

As Marvel continues to push every single one of their lesser known superheroes to the big screen, it appears a Dr. Strange film is in the works. Okay then.

Matt at Cinema Slants continues his Summer of Spielberg series with a look at the director's WWII films. Check it out.

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