Monday, August 8, 2011

Movie News Today

Bryan Cranston has been added to the cast of "World War Z" based upon the bestselling oral history of a fictitious zombie outbreak. Loved the book but skeptical about the film; lots of ways to screw that up. Cranston is a great actor but his big screen roles lately have been pretty awful. Time will tell.

Even though "The Amazing Spiderman" won't be released for another 10 months, the sequel has been booked for May, 2014. So I guess we're all hoping this thing works out.

Care for a look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in "Dark Knight Rises"? Follow the link.

The Guardian gives up 50 films that could be big players come Award Season. Though I must say, any list that contains a film starring Channing Tatum ("Haywire") is fishy in my book.

Reelz Channel presents 25 things you might not know about "Stand By Me." Love it!

Scarlet Spider lists the top 10 fun cameos. Excellent list. For my money, this list belongs to Bill Murray and Tom Cruise.

Marshall and the Movies reviews the laugh fest that is "Blazing Saddles" in his classics corner.

Matt at Cinema Slants delivers parts five (Oppression and Revenge) and six (Deep Cuts and Failures) in his Summer of Spielberg series. I'm enjoying this project, hope you are, too.

Weekend Box Office Results
1. "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" - $54 million
2. "The Smurfs" - $21M ($76.2 million total)
3. "Cowboys and Aliens" - $15.75M ($67.37M)
4. "The Change-Up" - $13.5M
5. "Captain America" - $13M ($143.18M)
6. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" - $12.16M ($342.8M)
7. "Crazy Stupid Love" - $12.1M ($42.18M)
8. "Friends with Benefits" - $4.7M ($48.54M)
9. "Horrible Bosses" - $4.62M ($105.16M)
10. "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" - $3.01M ($344.17M)


  1. Appreciate the link love! Thanks very much!

    I've been behind the curve on coverage about World War Z and you just reminded me about it. Thanks!

  2. @John, brilliant.

    @Sp1der, no problem. Always happy to share the love.

  3. Yay for link love! I'm also curious about World War Z ... definitely want to read the book before the movie! One of the progressive teachers at my high school taught in his senior English class last year.

  4. I'm really not a big fan of zombie nerdery but WWZ is brilliant. Very nervous that they're going to screw it up.


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