Monday, February 21, 2011

New DVD Tuesday

Megamind (2010) - Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt
A play on the "Superman" story line starts out with our hero (Ferrell) as a slightly incompetent alien who is always overshadowed by his goodie-two-shoe nemesis (Pitt). I found "Megamind" to be extremely funny and wildly entertaining. The voice work, too, is superb. Not quite up to the level of Pixar but then again, what is? Definitely worth a viewing.

Due Date (2010) - Robert Downey, Jr., Zach Galifianakis, Jamie Foxx
Director Todd Phillips' follow up to "The Hangover" finds a stressed out businessman (RDJ) trying to get home to see the birth of his child. Everything goes awry, however, and he ends traveling cross country with a nutbag (Galifianakis) heading to LA to become an actor. Far from a perfect comedy (which "Hangover" almost was), "Due Date" still has hilarious moments even if it does take liberally from "Planes Trains and Automobiles." It does, however, lack flow so it seems like a bunch of crazy sequences that don't really come together. By 2010 standards, it's still relatively solid.

Get Low (2010) - Robert Duvall, Bill Murray
A crotchedy old hermit (Duvall) throws a funeral party for himself and brings in his quirky friends. Here, dear readers, is the movie I'm most excited about this week. I tried; I mean, I REALLY tried to catch this during the one week it was showing in my area. I even took a day off to work in a viewing. And then a monsoon hit DFW and I could barely get out of my house. Hoping to catch this one soon.

Also New
Nurse Jackie: Season 2 (2010) - Edie Falco, Eve Best
Weeds: Season Six (2010) - Mary Louise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, Kevin Nealon

New to Blu
The Last Unicorn (1982) - Jeff Bridges, Faye Dunaway, Angela Lansbury
48 Hrs. (1982) - Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte


  1. You missed THE release of the week. Fish Tank finally comes home, courtesy of Criterion. I'm also interested in another Criterion release this week, The Sweet Smell of Success.

  2. I did miss Fish Tank. Always like Fessbender, though.

  3. I might check out Megamind eventually, but the voice cast isn't that appealing to me. I am however highly anticipating Fish Tank. Fassbender is one of the recent rising stars who quickly becoming one of my faves.

  4. As a big fan of all those involved in Megamind (minus Jonah Hill to a degree), I am clearly biased but I was really impressed by the voice work, especially Ferrell and David Cross. Adding Fish Tank to the queue after two solid references.

  5. I never knew Jeff Bridges, Faye Dunaway,and Angela Lansbury were in The Last Unicorn. Not exactly a top-notch film, but I guess it had its fans.

  6. Yeah I was also surprised to discover/re-discover the voice talent involved with Unicorn. Haven't seen that movie in years and years, though.


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