Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Movie News Today

Director Dean DeBlois spoke with Empire recently and discussed the sequel to last year's smash hit "How to Train Your Dragon."

Roland Emmerich is planning a sequel to "Independence Day" and discusses the project with Empire. I like almost nothing Emmerich has ever done...except "ID4" which might be one of my 20 favorite movies of all time. After "Star Wars" and "Jurassic Park," "ID4" is probably the most memorable theater experience I had as a kid and despite its absurdity, I will stand by it to the end. So, yeah, I'm in for a sequel.

The cast for "Dark Knight Rises" continues to grow with the addition of Marion Cotillard ("Inception"). Great choice here but then again, what else should we expect from Christopher Nolan?

Cinema Slants ranks the 10 films nominated for Best Picture based on the likelihood of attaining "immortality." Smart rankings and a smart column overall.

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