Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Movie News and Links Today

Just not a whole lot going on right now, either in the industry or within the blogosphere. Hollywood sits in anticipation of Sunday's Academy Awards, of course, and perhaps the rest of my fellow bloggers are experiencing an excess of busyness like myself. Kuddos to those of you who are still rolling right along.

A Life in Equinox presents his top ten films from 2010. Pretty solid.

Yesterday brought news of Steve Carell's next movie role which is a bit more serious than his typical fare. Row Three asks whether or not Carell is up to the task. For me, there's no question. Carell has a magnificent range that we've caught glimpse of in movies like "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Dan in Real Life." There's no better time, either, as he's coming straight out of his incredible run on "The Office" and moving straight into a dark, dramatic role.

Dark of the Matinee and Movie Reviews by Tom Clift team up to discuss Clift's first viewing of "Ghostbusters." I've been on a "Ghostbusters" kick lately and while I don't agree with Clift's thoughts on it, I think the project as a whole is pretty cool. Check it out.


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