Monday, February 7, 2011

New DVD Tuesday

I feel like the Year in Film that is 2011 needs a kick start. 2011 is like a guy transitioning out of a long, rough relationship (aka 2010) who still hasn't found his groove yet, so to speak. And it's up to me, somehow, to get 2011 back in gear. Like, "Come on '11! You gotta get back out there and meet new movies that will rock your face off! You're a swell guy, '11! Let's get this thing going, dude! Have a Red Bull!" Well, 2011 is trying. He's trying, people. Give him a break. The breakup with 2010 was rough and we should just be happy he's showing some signs of life. Because when he does get his act together, man, 2011 is going to be AWESOME.

Life As We Know It (2010) - Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas
Two opposite singles (Heigl and Duhamel) are named the guardians of their best friends' daughter and must learn to work with each other to raise a kid. So basically "Raising Helen" but with Katherine Heigl. We've potentially got some new readers around this joint this week so I'll try to keep my Heigl hatred secret until our new friends have gotten to know me a bit better. But yeah, I hate Katherine Heigl. I could probably get into the sentiment of "Life As We Know It" and the trailer actually wasn't too over-the-top clicheish, but I think Katherine and I should just agree to stay away from each other.

You Again (2010) - Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Jamie Lee Curtis, Betty White
A successful twenty-something (Bell) returns home for her brother's wedding, only to find that his fiance was her high school nemesis. Things get even wackier when it's soon discovered that the couple's mothers (Weaver and Curtis) were also high school enemies. And then there's Betty White. Look, I'm not going to judge or bash "You Again" because I'm clearly not the demographic this film is aiming for. I'm sure this is a good time if you're in for a Girls Night Out kind of thing. But I'm guessing not even the greatness of Kristen Bell and the ever magnificent Betty White could get me through this unharmed.

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) - Brian Boland, Katie Featherstone
The not-quite-as-successful-sequel to the mega-smash hit from 2009 that centers around surveillance videos of the "real" spooky happenings in one family's home. Movie Related Facts about me: I don't watch horror movies because they gross me out (and I hate bad acting); I don't watch ghost movies because they scare the living crap out of me. "Blair Witch", "Paranormal Activity", and the like, doesn't matter how dumb they are or how obvious the fakeness of the reality is, it jacks with my head. No thanks.

For Colored Girls (2010) - Thandie Newton, Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Jackson
Per IMDB: "Each of the women portray one of the characters represented in the collection of twenty poems, revealing different issues that impact women in general and women of color in particular." Also, this is brought to you by Tyler Perry so--- wait, don't exit the page! I'll stop talking about this movie right now, I promise!

It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010) - Keir Gilchrist, Emma Roberts, Zach Galifianakis
An over-stressed teenager (Gilchrist) checks into a mental institute only to be placed in the adult wing where he bonds with the other crazies and a girl his age (Roberts). While some of the movies mentioned above will be the big sellers at Blockbuster (like that even exists anymore) this week, "Funny Story" is the one I'm interested in. I was completely drawn in by the trailer and since this movie never got a wide release near me, this is my first chance at a viewing. I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.

My Soul to Take (2010) - Max Thieriot, John Magaro, Denzel Whitaker
From the twisted (and potentially senile) mind of West Craven comes an urban legend-like tale of a serial killer who comes back from the dead to haunt his home town 16 years after his demise. Did I mention I'm not into horror movies? Just don't do it for me. Still, Craven at one point was THE name in mainstream horror and now he's been reduced to this? Sad.

New to Blu
Uncle Buck (1989) - John Candy, Jean Louisa Kelly, Macaulay Culkin
Maybe the most underrated of all John Hughes' films, "Uncle Buck" is an absolute comedic classic in my book. Maybe not as funny as "Planes Trains and Automobiles" but still stinking hilarious. Hughes let John Candy loose in this one and it works from beginning to end.

Legends of the Fall (1995) - Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Aidan Quinn, Henry Thomas
Also known as the movie that launched Brad Pitt's career. OK, maybe launched his career as a sex symbol in conjunction with "Interview with a Vampire" that opened just a couple months prior to "Legends." Before this movie he did some great work, especially "A River Runs Through It", but this was the turning point I think. Middle school girls in my hometown were carrying around magazine ads for this R-rated movie about the affect that World War I had on the lives of three brothers. That's an entirely different playing field than the respect her garnered for "A River." Just sayin'.

A River Runs Through It (1992) - Brad Pitt, Tom Skerritt, Craig Sheffer
A father-son-son classic revolving around fly fishing in Montana. No question that "River" is a bit slower than you'd like but that doesn't keep this movie from being tremendous. I watched bits and pieces of it here and there as a kid and when I finally sat and watched the whole movie as a teenager, I was completely WRECKED. So great but man, what a punch in the gut it is.

Also Available
Ong Bak 3 (2010) - Tony Jaa, Dan Chupong
Middle Men (2010) - Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi
Tamara Drewe (2010) - Gemma Arterton, Dominic Cooper, Luke Evans
The Romantics (2010) - Josh Duhamel, Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin

New to Blu
The River Wild (1994) - Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon, David StrathairnMeet the Robinsons (2007) - Matthew Josten, Angela Bassett
Chicken Little (2005) - Zach Braff, Steve Zahn, Patrick Stewart
Dinosaur (2000) - DB Sweeney, Alfre Woodard
Flipper (1996) - Paul Hogan, Elijah Wood


  1. Both "Legends" and "A River" are awesome flicks.

  2. First off, thanks a ton for linking my Adjustment Bureau. I'm going to promptly add you to the blog roll.

    Re: Brad Pitt.. His status as a sex symbol was firmly established by his appearance in "Thelma & Louise," but I think it was movies like "Legends of the Fall" and "Interview" that proved he was more than just a pretty face (and hot body, you get the idea).

    Surprisingly I've only seen one of this week's "new" releases. That being "Funny Story," which I can't recommend highly enough. Think the "(500) Days of Summer" of coming-of-age movies. I'll probably Netflix "My Soul to Take" eventually just because I have a weak spot for really shitty horror flicks.

    I like your blog and I'll be sure to visit often.

  3. Good point on "Thelma and Louise." I always forget about that one. I'd still say "Legends"/"Vampire" brought him into the forefront for my generation. I vividly remember what in the world the girls in my middle school were doing with "Legends" pictures plastered all over their binders.


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