Monday, February 7, 2011

Movie News Today

My registration with the LAMBs (Large Association of Movie Blogs) finally went through. I'm thrilled to be joining the most respected group of movie bloggers in the industry. I'll be updating the Blog List on the right side of the page with a few new blogs I've come in contact with recently and I encourage you all to check those pages out. There's some incredible movie content out there and the LAMBs represent that wonderfully.

Shawn Levy ("Night at the Museum") has signed on to direct the remake of "Fantastic Voyage", a sci-fi classic about a ship and its captain that are miniaturized and put into the body of a bigwig so that they can fight a blood clot. (Not to be confused with "Inner Space.") It's produced by James Cameron so it's gotta be good...right?

My Nerd Dream will officially begin to come true on March 21 when Peter Jackson begins shooting "The Hobbit." I love science! (Conan O'Brien voice)

The Pork Chop Express has an early review of "The Adjustment Bureau" and the news is good. Cannot wait for this one.

Yeah, OK, it happened last week and sure, it has nothing to do with movies. But it's my blog and I'll post what I want, dadgumit! Things That Don't Suck provides an ironic tribute to something that does indeed suck very much, the official breakup of The White Stripes. I'm seriously bummed by this but enjoyed the refreshing look at some of their better videos.

And while we're off the subject of movies briefly, let's talk about commercials. It was a pretty lackluster Super Bowl as far as great commercials are concerned but this one...well, come on, how am I not going to gravitate toward the "Star Wars" themed ad? My Nerdar went NUTS when Mini Darth Vader/Dark Helmet came on screen. Every commercial should have a "Star Wars" character in it. I'd be less inclined to fast-forward were that the case. Anyway, here's the longer version of the Darth Vader VW spot for your enjoyment.


  1. Congratulations on the LAMB registration. It's about time that went through.

    The VW Force commercial is the best one to come out in a long time. Way to go, Dad!

  2. I saw a blurb about the Vader commercial before the game but held off so as not to spoil the surprise. Such a nerd.


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