Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Movie News Today

It seems Hollywood has rediscovered Stephen King. With "The Dark Tower" already in the works, Warner Brothers has now moved forward with plans to put together a movie adaptation of "The Stand." I would say those might be King's best work so kudos to Hollywood.

Joaquin Phoenix is mulling over a role in next year's "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" which would effectively end his retirement.

Val Kilmer has signed on to star with John Gries ("Napoleon Dynamite") in a movie based on a Texan who went from worthless alcoholic to philanthropist. If you're keeping track at home, there are now three people who care about Val Kilmer's career: me, my buddy Kyle, and Val Kilmer. Man do I want good things for him. Ah well.

The National gives us a fine article on the difficulty of casting "The Hobbit."

Five time Oscar winning composer John Barry has died of a heart attack. Great list of credits to his name.

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