Sunday, April 10, 2011

Short Hiatus

I'm not very good at doing things half way. I'm sort of an "all or nothing" sort of guy. This past month (and really the entirety of 2011) I have been working nonstop at my day job. I'm blessed to have a job that simply requires me to get the job done. Sometimes that means late starts, early finishes, and plenty leisure time. Sometimes, though, it means 3 months of 80 hour work weeks and never quite getting ahead. That's how 2011 has been and the last 3 weeks have been even worse. I've tried to keep up with the blogosphere during that time but haven't had as much success lately. I haven't even had much chance to watch and pay attention to movies lately, which is incredibly unlike me. I haven't had the time, even, to keep up with my normal columns like Movie News Today and New Movie Friday. The lack of content drives me crazy as I hate not putting out the amount of work that I'm used to around here.

Anyway, I say all that to say, I'm taking a short break. My work schedule should be slower for a while and as much as I want to dump all of that extra time into writing, I need to decompress for a bit. Plus, I need to watch some freaking movies so I have a little content to bring to the table! I plan to make a Bruce Willis-like comeback next Monday with a renewed vigor and energy for the blog. I hope you guys will allow me a short hiatus and head back to the Soap Box Office in a week or so.

- Brian

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