Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Movie News Today

Warner Brothers has announced the official addition of Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to the cast of "Dark Knight Rises" and given some details as to their roles. I love the actor tree that Christopher Nolan has grown around him and his projects. Awesome stuff.

Isla Fisher has been added to the cast of "The Great Gatsby." If only Baz Luhrmann had nothing to do with this project. I'd be so excited. Ah well.

Director Gary Ross has added four relatively unknown actors to fill key roles in his "Hunger Games" adaptation. There's really only one important part left, that being Haymitch, the coach (as it were) for our hero. To me, outside of the lead character, Haymitch is the most important part. Must get that right to have this succeed.

Get Your Film Fix gives us the ten movie technologies they'd like to have. Co-sign.

M. Carter at the Movies reviews one of the more riveting documentaries I've ever seen, "Jesus Camp." Check it out. (Note: yes, this post was from several weeks ago but I haven't been over to M. Carter world lately and it was new to me. Sue me.)

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