Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie News Today

I'm back, I've seen a couple of movies, and I'm ready to get back to the level of production that I'm used to. Thanks for allowing me a week to catch my breath. I'm sure it'll happen again, but hopefully not for a while, anyway.

Ryan Gosling appears ready to go on a Mainstream Movie Binge, adding "The Lone Ranger" to his list of upcoming non-Indie projects. Odd choice on some level but the guy is an excellent actor that I think has the chops to do just about anything.

Peter Jackson has delivered a video from the inside of Hobbiton, the first real look at the set of "The Hobbit." Nerds, unite!

NPR provides an interview with funniest-woman-in-the-world Tina Fey. Greatness.

While I was out, Chris Dorr at the Tribeca Film Festival's blog wrote about the high cost of going to the theater and how a Netflix business model could benefit everyone. I love this idea though I'm not sure $10 would quite do it. Great read, though.

John Likes Movies gives a list of his top 10 remakes. Give it a read.

Movie Muse has a list of the top 10 movie-deaths-by-explosion. Love it.

Weekend Box Office Results
1. "Rio" - $40 million
2. "Scream 4" - $19.28
3. "Hop" - $11.17 ($82.61 million total)
4. "Soul Surfer" - $7.4 ($19.99)
5. "Hanna" - $7.32 ($23.33)
6. "Arthur" - $6.94 ($22.35)
7. "Insidious" - $6.86 ($35.98)
8. "Source Code" - $6.3 ($36.99)
9. "The Conspirator" - $3.92
10. "Your Highness" - $3.89 ($15.95)

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