Thursday, April 28, 2011

Movie News Today

Is there a hotter name in Hollywood than Jeremy Renner? I think not. The "Hurt Locker" star is working on a Steve McQueen biopic which would be AWESOME in my book.

With "Dark Tower" on the horizon, Ron Howard has snatched up a script called "Amnesty" which has been labeled as "Lord of the Rings" meets Jason Bourne. You know, Howard doesn't always make great movies ("The Dilemma", anyone?) but very few directors get my attention as quickly as he does. I always expect great things.

Elizabeth Banks has joined the cast of "The Hunger Games" and will play the role of Effie. Inspired casting in my opinion.

GraphJam gives us a breakdown of which cast members provide the various voices on "The Simpsons." This show is long past its prime and no longer must-see viewing for me. But every once in a while I fly by it and still, to this day, find a lot to like. There's a great deal to be said for still being funny after 20+ years on TV.

Tonight's episode of "The Office" was the last for show leader Steve Carell (Michael Scott). (Great ep, by the way, if you're an "Office" fan but haven't seen it yet.) Below is a short farewell shot in Carell's trailer.

And finally, what I know you've all been waiting for: please enjoy the first trailer for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II." *tears*


  1. The McQueen biopic sounds very interesting. He was the epitome of cool, but at times could just be an ordinary joe, especially on a race course. He could also be a jerk, but couldn't we all?

  2. I'm totally in for a McQueen biopic and Renner would be great in that role.

  3. Here's a link to a story about McQueen:


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