Sunday, April 3, 2011

Movie News Today

Leonard Nimoy will voice a Transformer in the upcoming third installment of Michael Bay's series. That's one way to get a bunch of nerds on your side. Another way is to actually make a good movie.

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds will provide the voice of a snail in Dreamworks' "Turbo." True potential there in my opinion.

And in still more Voice Related news, Geoffrey Rush has added his talent to the soon-to-be-released "Green Lantern." I always have love for Rush but it's a bit strange to add such a big name to the cast of a film that's literally right around the corner.

"Iron Man 3" has finally secured a writer in Drew Pearce, a guy I've honestly never heard of. Alright then.

This whole Batman-Superman-Justice League thing keeps getting more and more convoluted with Zack Snyder saying that his version of "Superman" will not necessarily be involved with the "Justice League" production that is tentatively scheduled to open in 2013. I'll pretty much see any comic book movie that doesn't involve the Punisher but I've already got Tired Head from trying to figure this mess out. The double-dipping is a bad idea from my perspective.

Weekend Box Office Returns
1. "Hop" - $38.12 million
2. "Source Dode" - $15.05
3. "Insidious" - $13.5
4. "Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2" - $10.2 ($38.36 million total)
5. "Limitless" - $9.4 ($55.6)
6. "The Lincoln Lawyer" - $7.05 ($39.64)
7. "Sucker Punch" - $6.09 ($29.88)
8. "Rango" - $4.56 ($113.78)
9. "Paul" - $4.34 ($31.93)
10. "Battle: Los Angeles" - $3.5 ($78.47)

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