Thursday, January 20, 2011

Movie News Today

If you've ever wanted to see a film starring Beyonce, directed by Clint Eastwood, then may I recommend "A Star Is Born" which the Hollywood legend (Eastwood) has signed on for. Calling this a strange combination doesn't even begin to describe it.

Marvel continues its trend of focusing on obscure superheros by focusing some development on a movie for Black Panther, a project they've discussed in the past but gone away from. Obscure or not, I'm always in for a good comic book movie (as long as it doesn't involve the Punisher).

Roger Ebert has a sweet diagram/chart of the Batmobile in its various forms throughout the years. Nerdiness abounds!

If 2011 wasn't already awesome enough for Blu-Ray purchases ("Star Wars" and "Jurassic Park" already confirmed), now comes word that later this month Best Buy will offer an exclusive BR version of the Cameron Crowe masterpiece, "Almost Famous." Without question one of my ten favorite movies of all time. I'm a little giddy right now, not going to lie.

You probably know a thing or two about Catwoman, one of the two villains for the third "Batman" film announced earlier this week. You might not know much, however, about Bane, the other villain who will be played by "Inception's" Tom Hardy. Never fear, Empire has a handy-dandy guide to all things Bane.

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