Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movie News Today

Matt Damon doesn't seem to happy about a the supposed fourth "Bourne" movie that won't involve him or director Paul Greengrass.

Keanu Reeves (always a reliable source) has started some rumors regarding fourth and fifth installments in the "Matrix" series. Because, you know, the last two were so awesome.

I wish the news of Anthony Hopkins potentially starring in an Alfred Hitchcock biopic made me giddy. Unfortunately, Hopkins seems to come one step closer to "Val Kilmer Straight to DVD" territory with each and every role.

The Sundance Film Festival is going on in Park City, Utah right now and while I hope to be there someday, for now I recommend Cinema Blend for your news and festival updates.

Weekend Box Office Results
Well pretty much everyone in America besides me hated "The Green Hornet" and clearly bad word of mouth got around. Either that or the appeal of Ashton Kutcher is much stronger than I would have thought. Regardless, it's a bad sign for "Hornet" that it fell to second so quickly in January.
1. "No Strings Attached" - $20.3 million
2. "The Green Hornet" - $18.1 ($63.44 million total)
3. "The Dilemma" - $9.73 ($33.36)
4. "The King's Speech" - $9.16 ($58.62)
5. "True Grit" - $8 ($138.63)
6. "Black Swan" - $6.2 ($83.58)
7. "The Fighter" - $4.52 ($73.03)
8. "Little Fockers" - $4.39 ($141.19)
9. "Yogi Bear" - $4.06 ($88.89)
10. Tron Legacy" - $3.71 ($163.27)

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