Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tremendous Trailer Thursday

I haven't been actively blogging lately. My apologies. I'm super swamped at work and when your work mostly involves starring at a computer screen, like mine has of late, spending more time doing the same thing just isn't super appealing. I'll be back strong after Thanksgiving. But, since I haven't been doing Movie News much and I don't have a lot of time to look through my favorite blogs, I thought we might start a new, semi-sort-of-weekly post called "Tremendous Trailer Thursday." Super original, I know, but a number of big time movies have released trailers lately. So here we go.

First up, let's look at "The Green Lantern" which is extremely high on my "To See" list for 2011. Ryan Reynolds + Comic Book Super Hero = Success in my book. The trailer is a bit iffy but I'm hoping since it's the first one, we're just seeing a rough cut.

Next up, "Cowboys and Aliens." If I were to tell you Jon Favreau, Ron Howard, and Steven Spielberg got together to make a movie and cast Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in the lead roles, would that do anything for you? BAM! It happened.

And since we're already mixing aliens with the Old West, why not try ninjas in the Old West, too? I present to you "The Warrior's Way."

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