Monday, November 1, 2010

New DVD Tuesday

"Toy Story 3" - Tom Hanks, Tim Allen
The final chapter in the best animated franchise the world has ever known arrives just in time for the Christmas rush. For all the awfulness that the movie calendar of 2010 has brought into my life, it is also responsible for three of the very best movies I've seen in some time, which includes this one (in addition to "Inception" and "Social Network"). I got my whole nerdy group together to take this in at midnight on opening night and we ended up bawling like babies, the lot of us. I love this movie and would be shocked if it wasn't up for Best Picture come award season.

"The Pacific" - Joseph Mazzello, James Badge Dale, Jon Seda
HBO's follow up to the fantastic "Band of Brothers" mini series isn't quite up to par with its predecessor. This is most certainly worth watching but just doesn't capture the essence of World War II the way "Brothers" did. I was a bit disappointed.

"V: Season 1" - Elizabeth Mitchell, Joel Gretsch, Morris Chestnut, Morena Baccarin
Part "Independence Day," part "District 9," alien visitors (or "V's") park their ships over earth and come bearing promises of a bright future. A group of rebels, however, knows the truth of their arrival and sets out to bring them down. Being the sci-fi nerd that I am, I quite liked "V" though I missed the final two or three episodes of last season. It isn't perfect by any means and there are some definite trips into sci-fi cliche, but Season 1 was a promising start. I'll be picking up the final few episodes here shortly.

New to Blu Ray
"The Goonies" - Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman
The ultimate 80s pre-adolescent adventure film about a set of misfits who undertake a search for pirate treasure in order to save their neighborhood from corporate destruction. I love "The Goonies." LOVE IT. I love it so much that, had finances been in order this summer, I would have made the trek to Astoria, Oregon for the 25th anniversary festival and reunion. I love it so much that this weekend, while at my church's giant garage sale, I bought two "Goonies" themed glasses that Pizza Hut made back in the day. I cannot wait to get my hands on this special edition and remind myself of why Sloth love Chunk. (In summary: I love "The Goonies.")

"The Sound of Music" - Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer
The beloved classic that has captured the hearts of several generations of men and women across the globe. Who doesn't love "The Sound of Music," right? Me, that's who. I don't hate it by any means and I certainly get its popularity. But as someone who dislikes both musicals and things that are overly popular, this just isn't for me.

"Highlander" - Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery
I would guess that in my life I have paid, whether in the theater or in my home, for a movie that I didn't finish less than five times. Once I start watching, I'm committed to seeing it through even if it's terrible. This is one of the five. I popped this in for the first time very recently with the understanding that it was miserable but unintentionally hilarious. Couldn't do it, guys. Just couldn't do it. This is EASILY one of the five worst movies of all time. Said it, standing by it. AWFUL.

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